Dancer #1 – Deli

Estimated reading time: 1 minutes — I just love dancing! Music just makes me do it!— Deli

Estimated reading time: 1 minutes —

black and white photo of Deli dancing in a virtual dance club

Deli (Delirioux) dancing at GOL Club on 1 January.


Dancer: Deli
Club: GOL Club

1. Who goes dancing more often? Your Avatar? Or your Typist?

More often it’s my avatar, but my typist dances as well sometimes.

2. Why do you dance?

Cause I just love it! Music just make me do it 🙂

3. Is “Avatar Dancing” the same as “Typist Dancing”? Or different?

Avatar dancing is different. In RL I don’t dance like my avatar.

4. Do you login just to dance? Or do you go dancing before or after other activities?

No, I don’t login just to dance, but I pass most of my time dancing.

5. Do you change your clothes to go dancing? How do you like to look?

Yes everyday I change clothes. Clothes depend on how I’m feeling or the club I’m going to.

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