Previz #81 – Valentine’s Walking Brunch!

Estimated reading time: 1 minutes — You’re invited to Valentine’s Walking Brunch at Izzy’s Gym on Sat 15 Feb! Come hit the VR treadmill: walk, websurf, and hangout with friends.

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Valentine's Walking Brunch: photo of a woman eating a slice of bread on a mountaintop as she walks past a makeshift grave marker in the form of a cross

hamster eats jamon y queso on mountain peak in the andes

Love Your Heart

2014 is the year of the treadmill and the brand new Izzy’s Treadmill Gym is celebrating with a special event every month this year. On Sat 15 Feb we’ll be hosting a Walking Valentine’s Brunch!

Most meals, coffee, beer, are consumed sitting. Why? Maybe because for most of human history, and in plenty of places still today, you’re on your feet all day. At the end of a long day of physical labor, of course sitting down for a meal or drink with friends and family is a great idea.

News Flash: It’s not the 16th century anymore.

Here in the 21st century, in the developed world, a lot of people spend long days sitting in front of flat-screens. What do we do at the end of that day? We still sit for food and drink.

Sit to Work + Sit to Eat = All we ever do is sit!

And so as our Valentine’s celebration of Love & Good Health, Izzy’s Gym invites you to a Valentine’s Walking Brunch!

At the opening event of Izzy’s Gym on 20 January we walked 10.2 VR miles in 5-1/4 hours. We walked in solidarity with Lawrence Lessig and the NH Rebellion Campaign Finance Reform walkers. We chose that time & distance because they walked 10.2 RL miles in 5-1/4 hours on that cold and snowy day. In continuing support of their movement our Valentine’s Walking Brunch will also be 10.2 miles in 5-1/4 hours.

Valentine’s Walking Brunch

  • Saturday 15 February 8:45am – 2pm SLT (San Francisco Time) 16:45 – 22:00 GMT
  • Join us for 5 minutes… Join us for 5 hours… whatever works for you!
  • Walk in VR. You can optionally also walk in RL.

  • SLURL / Izzy’s Gym

  • 2014 Year of the Treadmill / 12 special events in 12 months
  • Walk #1 / NH Rebellion

RL Treadmills:

  • RL Treadmill Desk / Vanessa Blaylock
  • RL Treadmill Desk / Sherry Pagoto
  • Easiest & Cheapest RL Treadmill Desk / SurfShelf

iRezzers on Fitbit

  • Fitbit /
  • Fitbit /
  • Fitbit /


Izzy’s Gym would also like to have the occasional dance party. If you’re a DJ with a rockin’ stream, give us a shout!

Standing Food Photo Gallery!

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Thank You!

Thanks to these awesome photographers for sharing their photos with a Creative Commons license on Flickr! 😀

by Amine Ouahidi
by Eric Schmuttenmaer
by Radloff
by Iwona Kellie
by DJ Frantic
by Bethany
by camknows
by Reno Tahoe
by Ross Pollack
– Angel, Ian – standing, eating by Rev. Xantos Satani
by uglyagnes
by Bob Franklin
by Boo Lee
by Rev. Xanatos Satani
by Robyn Lee
by Rev. Xanatos Satani
by Rev. Xanatos Satani
by Eszter Hargittai
by Robert Huffstutter
by Steven Chabot
by Robert Rybnikar

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