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Meet Bob 1 and Bob 2 that I drew for the game Monkey Side Bars in Sketch Club.

Bob was the word supplied for last nights posting by the lovely artist Pia, who now draws and writes with her collaborator Jaime for their own website  of words selected by Monkey Side Bars members and you can find them  here at Jungle Turns:

My first drawing was based on the American actress Clara Bow who rose to stardom in silent film during the 1920’s who reached global fame and nicknamed “The IT Girl” from her appearance as a plucky shop-girl in the film IT.  I randomly found a photo of Clara drew the outline then ended up with what I thought was a huge eye.


Artist: Tabitha Raincloud

My second reference was again a randomly found photograph of a retro bob and I zoomed in closely to concentrate on the hair and upper part of her body but still focusing on the hair.  This was a speed draw for me which I completed in 44 minutes  using standard brushes.  I used a filter for the skin and found a lace tool so made a layer covering the back with lace and drawing over shadowy lines and highlights in places to look like lace curtains.


Artist: Tabitha Raincloud



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