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iRez 2014

iRez-2014 features 5 major hubs: Self, City, Diaspora, Worlds & Wonder. Each of those hubs offers a number of portals to our many content areas. Click one of the banners below to visit that hub and its content portals.

The most meaningful challenges are the ones we choose ourselves. The iRez Challenge Hub features many ways to challenge yourself in the many places of the virtual century.

The virtual century didn't kill journalism or libraries, it stripped away artifacts on their journey to a golden age. So too virtuality isn’t the end of The City, it is the rebirth. The new, permeable city interacts with many publics in a complex world. Let's take a ride, and run with the dogs tonight, in Virtual Suburbia.

Does a citizen of the virtual century have a homeland? At the iRez Diaspora Hub the myriad ways that we discover, reclaim, and express identity and presence are celebrated through an array of content portals.

Geography has always influenced identity. In the virtual century we have many worlds and many ways of being and experiencing. The iRez Worlds Hub has a portal for each world that one or more of our authors has chosen to explore and talk about.

As corporeal beings we long for tactile and visceral experience. Yet object-based culture doesn’t scale and isn’t sustainable. The mystery of a Cornell Box, the joy of a Wonder Cabinet, the reassuring familiarity of a well worn diary, are these experiences lost in our time? At the iRez Wonder Hub we explore ways to have a haptic experience of the virtual.

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